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11 Snapchat Similar Apps You Should Try

snapchat alternative and similiar apps

Social media has a not-too-long history. But this sector is growing very fast. Facebook Now seems too obsolete with most users already switching to Instagram Or similar apps.

Considering how fast trends change in the Internet world. Snapchat as a social media platform is quite consistent. Since its inception, Snapchat has had a stable user base. Kan has grown in popularity over time. It started off discreetly for chat and sending pictures has now become an interactive experience for Snapchat users.

Some of the applications that we will discuss here may have features similar to Snapchat. It could also have a similar application interface.

Snapchat Similar Apps : Wickr Me

Wickr Me snapchat alternative
Wickr Me snapchat alternative

Wickr Me If you think of Snapchat twins Maybe you can think of Wickr Me. In this app, you can exchange text Images And Videos secretly. This pretty much mimics the basic functions of Snapchat. Your chats will also be encrypted which ensures complete privacy. What’s interesting is the shredder feature. This feature is useful for permanently deleting all data.

The only function that users complain about Wickr Me is. Lack of extensive application filters and visual enhancers. Despite having this deficiency but the Wickr Me si application is good enough to be an alternative to Snapchat. 

Snapchat Similar Apps : Snow

Snow apps similar to snapchat
Snow apps similar to Snapchat

Snow shares similarities with not only Snapchat but Instagram as well. This versatile app’s prime currency is videos. Shoot and share them with your fans at a moment’s notice. Like Snapchat, you can also chat with other users via a textbox/chatbox. But the best part about Snow is its ability to create animated GIFs on the go. Texting never has to be a dull affair again.

Story Section” is another intriguing feature of Snow. Just like Insta and Snapchat, you can create and share stories on your timeline for all your friends and followers. Overall, this app has covered all its bases for being a solid social media substitute for Snapchat. The only drawback, if it can be called so, is that there is no option to save images on the app itself. Unlike Snapchat, which has a dedicated camera roll section, you will have to save your clicks directly on the phone gallery.

Snapchat Similar Apps: Clipchat

Clipchat other apps like snapchat
Clipchat other apps like snapchat

I introduced you to Snapchat’s twin brother; now meet its new and improved clone, Clipchat. The creators of this app have captured the essence of Snapchat and made it even more appealing. The first thing they have improved on is privacy. Like Snapchat, you can send and receive texts, images, and videos discreetly. However, it is even more difficult to take screenshots in Clipchat.

When a user receives an image, it is initially blurred, and the receiver has to interact with the app in order to unlock it, thereby drastically reducing the window of time available to take a screenshot. Also, the user interface of this app is so much better than Snapchat. It’s easy to use and engage with.

Conversely, one might argue that Clipchat lacks originality as it’s a Snapchat rip-off in some ways. However, the improvements and user-friendliness of Clipchat compensate for its lack of originality.

Snapchat Similar Apps: MSQRD

MSQRD similar apps like snapchat
MSQRD similar apps like Snapchat

MSQRD (Masquerade) acts as an accessory to major social media platforms. While the doesn’t feature any option for interaction among its users, they have filters, tons of them. And MSQRD keeps bringing new and innovative ones into the fold.

From beautiful to funny, depending on the mood, you’ll always have an overwhelming number of filters to choose from. You can be an astronaut, some cute animal, a zombie, and more at the click of a button. If that doesn’t cut it, you can always use its “Face Swap” feature to have some fun with your friends. For the uninitiated, the Face Swap feature reads your face along with a friend’s and swaps it on the app.

Let’s face it; many people use Snapchat these days just to have fun with the face filters. MSQRD as Snapchat similar apps caters to this particular need without the pressure of interacting with anyone or keeping appearances.

 Snapchat Alternative: Boo!

similar app like snapchat Boo!
similar app like Snapchat Boo!

When it comes to being highly interactive and user-friendly, few can compare to Boo!. This simplistic yet fun app lets users take photos, videos, and allows them to chat with friends at the click of a button.

The face filters and other similar features are also pretty addictive and can hook you for hours. Doodles and motion stickers are almost identical to Snapchat, adding a sense of familiarity. Clicking a picture or shooting

a video on Boo! is super easy. Point your camera and just click anywhere on the screen. Snapchat Similar Apps

Thanks to its simple and vibrant interface, Boo! is extremely popular among kids in some corners of the world. School students, in particular, find this app highly enjoyable. Although it is not as famous as Snapchat, Boo! is still a pretty solid substitute for Snapchat with a young userbase.

Snapchat Alternative: : Youcam Perfect

Youcam Perfect snapchat alternatives for filters

Youcam Perfect is Snapchat’s similar apps pretty similar to MSQRD since they both function as accessory apps for other social media platforms. While you can’t interact with other users on the app, you can certainly enjoy all the other benefits of Snapchat.

A lot of people use this app to click pictures as it provides some great, high-quality clicks, making anyone look photogenic. In fact, it beats Snapchat in this department, thanks to the plethora of filters, stickers, doodles, and extra effects to get the perfect shot.

The app also has face detection technology (read: face swap), which makes it more fun to click pictures with friends. So, if you’re looking to up your social media game, you should have Youcam Perfect in your arsenal.

Snapchat Alternative: Yovo

Yovo apps that are similar to snapchat
Yovo apps that are similar to snapchat

A more simplistic version of Snapchat, Yovo is a great social media app if you’re not into face filters and the extra gimmicks. With Yovo, you can click live pictures and add captions, doodles, stickers, and more to make your post more attractive.

Unlike the previous 2 entries, Yovo allows interaction with other users. Also, the stories posted on the app stay on for 48 hours. Yovo also upholds privacy and prevents users from taking screenshots. Your posts are truly discreet.

With excellent image quality and quick loading, Yovo is one of the best alternatives to Snapchat. As of the time of writing, it’s still rough around the edges. The user interface, for instance, still looks clunky. Here is hoping that they iron these issues out with future updates.

Snapchat Alternative: Dust

If you find Snapchat somewhat juvenile, Dust may be more up your speed. This app takes user-friendliness and secrecy to a whole new level. Touted as the world’s most secure messenger (self-proclaimed), the creators of this app assure that once you delete your data off this app, there is no way to recover it.

Apparently, even their servers and drives don’t store user data, ensuring complete encryption and safety. In this age where and old tweets come back to haunt you, it seems as if nothing truly vanishes. So when an app assures the privacy of such scale, it’s truly appealing.

The interface of the app is better and faster than Snapchat, earning Dust another feather in its cap. Thanks to all these advantages, one can consider Dust to be a more mature, streamlined version of Snapchat.

Snapchat Alternative: Slinger

Not to be confused with Slingshot, a Facebook creation that no longer exists, Slinger has a rather niche market. This is specifically designed for vertical videos. On Slinger, you can shoot and share short, vertical videos with your friends and followers. You can also add filters, doodles and use other visually enhancing features to make your posts stand out.

It can also be compared to Vine to some extent, although there isn’t a specified time limit for videos like the latter. Unfortunately, Slinger is still gathering steam and is not popular. The good news is that you can use Slinger as an accessory to Snapchat.

Snapchat Alternative: StealthChat

StealthChat is another app making big claims about keeping your data safe and private. As the name suggests, it is purely dedicated to providing encrypted and secured communication. As soon as you make the choice to erase your chats, pictures, or videos, they are deleted on both the sender and receiver’s ends. So, if you want to send sensitive stuff with no repercussions, this is the app. Just like Telegram, you can also decide the time frame in which these messages will disappear.

By covering all bases from texts, pictures, videos to calls (those are encrypted), this app will really please those who value privacy.

Snapchat Alternative: Instagram

I have saved the best for the last. This list won’t be complete without the mighty Instagram as Snapchat Alternative it provides all the features of Snapchat, including face filters, stories, doodles, emojis, and video calls. With its recent updates, Instagram has been gradually imitating many of Snapchat’s popular features, making it more appealing for those looking for a good Snapchat alternative.

One might argue that Instagram isn’t as private or secure as Snapchat. For instance, you won’t be notified if someone takes a screenshot of your pictures or videos.

If you’re a somewhat private person, maybe Instagram is not the best option for you. Try one of the safer apps mentioned above in the listicle. On the other hand, if you love showing off, Instagram might be the best fit for you.

So what did you think of our extensive list? Do you think Snapchat will ever be able to surpass a social media giant like Instagram? Did I miss out on some apps like Snapchat? Most importantly, do you think some new app or technology will wipe them all off the market someday in the future? Looking at the history of social media apps ever since their inception, it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea.

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