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Amazing WhatsApp feature: You’ll Want to Know About These Useful Things

WhatsApp feature Know About These Useful Things

WhatsApp feature. Hose days of sending text messages are traditionally long gone. It wasn’t just that they were pricey, but that their length was also limited. These limitations, on the other hand, are no longer in effect. Nowadays, we use messaging apps, which allow us to share numerous types of media in addition to conventional texts, with the most popular being WhatsApp.

The fact that Facebook offers so many functions comes as no surprise given that it has more than 1.6 billion users, according to the company. Despite this, many individuals aren’t aware of all the capabilities that this software has to offer. In addition, there are a variety of tactics that may be used to improve your user experience, and the following are a few of them.

In group chats, you can have WhatsApp feature private talks with other people.

We understand how this sounds, but please bear with us. No, it does not imply that you can continue communicating privately with a particular user while participating in a group chat. Although this sounds fantastic, it would be a disaster. You would most likely be unable to distinguish between messages visible to everyone in the group and those only visible to a specific contact.

Instead, the WhatsApp feature is designed to allow you to transition fast between a group conversation and an individual one. Because you most likely have a large number of contacts on your list, this can be handy. To put it briefly, it is simply more convenient. The availability of this feature is dependent on the phone model you are using. Suppose you have an iPhone, press and hold the message in the group chat until it disappears.

After a few seconds, a menu will appear, and you will need to select More and then Reply Privately from the drop-down menu. If you are using an Android device, this choice will be visible at the top right corner of the screen (the three dots).

Popular chat rooms

Have you ever pondered who it is that you spend the most time with? There are probably multiple chats open in your app, and you communicate with each of them regularly via text and voice messages. You may find out who among your contacts is the most frequently contacted. Okay, so this isn’t a pretty necessary WhatsApp feature, but you have to admit that it is a reasonably interesting one to discover. When seeking similar tactics, whatsapp-gb.blog.br is an excellent place to start your investigation.

What is the best way to go about it? You’ll have to go to Settings, Data & Storage Usage once more to find the answer. Storage Usage is located at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, you will be given a list of the people you have had the most communication with. This will be indicated based on the amount of data used in each chat session.

Conserve space on your Device

Every time you receive a photo or a video, the software downloads and saves it to your phone’s gallery for you without your intervention. At first look, this does not appear to be a problem, and many people would argue that having all of the files in one location is beneficial. However, when your phone’s storage capacity is limited, this becomes a problem. Yes, each of these files needs a specified quantity of data to function correctly.

If you want to disable this WhatsApp feature functionality, you may use a simple approach to accomplish this. It’s pretty straightforward. Nothing more than opening the program and going to Settings > Storage and data is required. Three different download options are available here (when using mobile data, Wi-Fi, and roaming). After that, uncheck all of the options (pictures, videos, and documents), and you’re done! Your program will not automatically download media; instead, you will be required to enter the appropriate command.

Location information should be shared.

You are probably already aware of this WhatsApp feature trick, but you have to admit that it is beneficial. The address does not need to be texted to someone when meeting with them in a new pub or restaurant if you are already at the destination. Instead, you can share your current position by clicking on the paper clip or the plus sign next to the message box, which will display your current location. By far the most convenient function since it will save you a great deal of time explaining to a buddy how to travel to the specified location in question.

mute the sound of a discussion / Grup

Whatsapp grup notofication mute

To stop an ongoing group conversation or a friend who doesn’t get the signal that you’re going to be late for a movie or a meeting, turn on the mute feature in WhatsApp before entering the room.
Users on Android devices can long-press on a chat and then tap on the crossed-out speaker symbol at the top of the screen to initiate a speaker call. iPhone users can mute a chat by swiping to the left across it, then tapping the three-dot button followed by Mute.

Photo and video communications sent over WhatsApp can be seen once.

whatsapp feature once seen photo video

WhatsApp has begun rolling out the View Once, a feature. The function allows users to set photographs and videos to be immediately destroyed after being seen, which was previously available in the beta version.

Such messages will be identified by a new “one-time” icon, letting you know that after you’ve viewed them, they’ll be gone as soon as you shut the chat window or tab. In addition, if you do not access a View Once photo or video within 14 days after receiving it, it will be automatically erased.

Users will also be unable to save or forward photographs or videos that have been marked as View Once once they have received them.

WhatsApp View One must be selected on each video or photo transmission for the functionality to work. This should prevent you from sharing photos that you wish the receiver to keep. However, keep in mind that recipients of photo and video messages will still have enough time to grab a screenshot of the photo or record a video using their computer’s screen recording software, so only send View Once messages to people you know and trust.

Users concerned about their privacy will like the View Once function because it will prevent them from loading up their picture or gallery app with photographs and movies they may not want to keep.

WhatsApp feature: Disable the double blue ticks and the Last seen indicators.

If you wish to increase your privacy, even more, you can conceal the indicators that inform your contacts whether or not you have seen their message. Using this WhatsApp feature when attempting to ignore someone or when you are not mood to text is highly recommended. Some people are unable to take a hint, and as a result, they will message you repeatedly until you react.

Go to Settings of WhatsApp feature, Account, Privacy, and then swipe to turn off the Read Receipts option to get rid of the tick marks on your screen. Unless you do this, people will not be able to know if you are intentionally ignoring them or whether you haven’t received their text.

In a similar vein, you can choose to turn off the WhatsApp feature Last seen notification as well. The “status” of the program, as you are aware, displays the precise moment at which you last used it. It is yet another feature that can, in some cases, hinder you from ignoring messages, and as such, it should be disabled.

Select WhatsApp feature Settings, Account, Privacy, and Last Seen from the drop-down menu. You can select whether you want to disable this feature for particular contacts only or everyone in this section.

Make your texts entertaining

whatsapp texts entertaining

What exactly do we mean by that? There is a simple hack you can use to change the appearance of specific words and full messages and highlight select phrases and complete messages. To make a word bold, place a * before and after the word. The underscore sign (_) is used to indicate italics, and the tilde () indicates a strike-through.

WhatsApp feature Italic text: To italicize your message, place an underscore on both sides of the text, Ex: _text_

WhatsApp feature Bold Text: To send text in bold, place an asterisk on both sides of the text, Ex: *text*

WhatsApp feature Strikethrough Text: To strikethrough your message, place a tilde on both sides of the text, Ex: ~text~

This fantastic tool allows you to elevate your texting to a whole new level of sophistication. Depending on your needs, you can use it frequently or only when conveying a specific message.

Make your communications vanish from the face of the earth

Currently, WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to turn on disappearing messages for particular conversations. If you have this feature activated, all of your messages will be deleted from a chat room after seven days.

Disappearing Messages WhatsApp feature can be enabled by touching on the contact or chat’s name at the top of your screen, as seen below. Disappearing Messages may be found in the list of choices, and it can be turned on by tapping On.

Keep in mind that any photographs you transmit or receive are automatically saved to your or the recipient’s phone, so while the message containing the photo will be deleted, the actual image may still be saved on your or the recipient’s phone.

Mark communication as necessary so that it is easy to find later

Making a note on WhatsApp feature a message provides a quick and easy way to return to a meaningful message, phone number, address, or article link you received from a friend. Long-press on the message and then touch on the Star icon to mark it as read.

When you get a message, a little star icon will be displayed next to it so that you can readily identify it while scrolling through your discussion.

Your starred messages may also be viewed on an iPhone, which can be found by navigating to the Settings page and selecting Starred Messages. Android users must first select the Menu button, then Starred Messages from the drop-down menu.

Details of the message can be viewed here

Have you ever been curious as to what time a message was delivered or read? Use the left-hand side of your iPhone screen to examine the statistics for a message you’ve sent. Android users can get more information about a message by long-pressing it and then tapping on the menu button followed by Info.

Stack a conversation at the top of the page

Finally, if WhatsApp is your primary messaging app, which means you don’t use any other apps, you are likely to have many contacts and possibly, even more, chat conversations. In any case, seeking a certain one might be time-consuming, especially when you are in a rush.

You can, however, employ a straightforward technique to move that conversation to the top of your priority list. You need to swipe left on your iPhone if you’re using the device. On the other hand, Android users must first select a specific chat, hold it for a second or two, and then click on the pin icon at the top of the screen to complete the process.

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