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5 Facts About Danny Fenster Journalist Who Fulfilled 11 Years in Prison

Danny Fenster who arested by myanmar military

The court controlled by the Myanmar military on Friday, November 12, 2021, sentenced 11 years in prison to US journalist Danny Fenster. The verdict remains handed down even though the United States Government has tried to free him from punishment

Danny Fenster was arrested while he tried to leave Myanmar after February 1, 2021, military coup.

Here are the facts about Danny Fenster :

Danny Fenster’s position

Fenster, 37, works as Chief Editor in an online magazine called Frontier Myanmar. This is one of the independent media in the country that used to be called Burma.

Detained after the coup

Danny Fenster was exactly detained on May 24, 2021, at the door of the international airport in Yangon City. At that time, Fenster was preparing to leave Myanmar for Malaysia, then from there flew to Michigan to surprise his two masters for years not returning home.

Myanmar authorities indict him for incitement, violating immigration laws, and dealing with groups that violate the law. Opposition groups in Myanmar have been branded terrorist organizations by the Junta military

Educational background

Danny Fenster attended a major in journalism in Chicago, United States. When he worked in a special refugee organization, he knew the Burmese community.

He then worked for a newspaper in Louisiana, before finally moving to Southeast Asia.

Cannot access consulence

Danny Fenster is one of the dozens of journalists detained in Myanmar after a military coup. But Fenster has been the first foreign journalist to be sentenced since 2017.

The trial of Danny Fenster was held in a military court, which was inside the prison so that there was no access for outside monitors. The United States Foreign Ministry in June 2021 said Fenster was refused access to consulers from US Embassy staff in Myanmar


Fenster was thrown into prison in Yangon, which was built in the colonial era called the Insein prison. The prison has become a ‘home’ for Myanmar political prisoners, whose conditions are full and rundown.

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