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The Reason Why TikTok Is Popular App

the reason why tik tok is popular

TikTok is popular. TikTok became a social media app where you share your video entertainment that has been very popular lately. Videos funny, calm, and entertaining were once created and distributed by the ‘artist TikTok’ on the app TikTok. The application was first launched in September 2016 and then. However, at the beginning of his appearance TikTok has not been so in demand and still less with Snapchat and Instagram.

In Several countries, TikTok is popular also had experienced the problem of being blocked by the government. This app is rated a lot of harmful content that’s not good, especially for children. However, blocking does not last long, and TikTok can return enjoyed by the users.

TikTok Fever Around the World Makes Popular

TikTok Fever Around the World

Had blocked the government from being considered an overact by netizens, TikTok and then cleaned it up. In the year 2019 then, TikTok started and was in demand by many people. Towards the end of 2019, the popularity of TikTok continues to multiply. Even, according to data from Sensor Tower, TikTok was recorded as the most downloaded apps of the second in the world for 2019.

Why TikTok is popular : High Number Of Downloads

The number of downloads TikTok is popular even managed to outperform large applications that already dominate app stores online in recent years, such as Facebook to Instagram. Currently, only WhatsApp still beats TikTok in terms of the number of downloads. Now, TikTok is becoming a trend in the world. TikTok, which was originally identical with the application of children’s videos on social media, has now turned into a platform for creative, fun, and entertaining video-sharing.

A lot of videos of cool and funny on TikTok made by the TikTokers. Users of TikTok are now not just from young people course. The artist, amazing unexpected rap, YouTuber to public figures and government now have a fever TikTok. In fact, amid the outbreak of coronavirus that was sweeping the world at this time, which had come to create a video TikTok for the sake of sharing information about the coronavirus. With the increasing number of users of TikTok by leaps and bounds in the past year, many people wonder why TikTok is becoming so very popular right now?

Easy To Use

As an app maker, creative video, TikTok is arguably straightforward to use. To make cool videos and funny on TikTok, users do not need to have the skills to edit like a professional. TikTok only needs capital of creativity to create a video-a short video that is cool or funny in TikTok.

Reason TikTok is popular: A lot of Interesting Content and Fresh on TikTok

Along with the increasing number of users of TikTok to create contents that are on TikTok becomes more exciting and varied. Many contents fresh in TikTok is popular viral and become a trend on other social media, so more and more people who know your TikTok from your content viral.

Video TikTok Viral on Other Platforms

As already mentioned earlier, one of the things that make TikTok is popular could be the current popular apps: the number of videos that come from TikTok, which is popular in other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to WhatsApp. Most video TikTok viral is a video type of entertainment that is funny and entertaining, whether it’s a parody or dance-dance complaint is that can be stomach-churning.

Is Becoming A Trend

One of the causes of TikTok darted its popularity is because this app is becoming a trend among many.
Just imagine, in Indonesia, many artists, Youtubers, amazing unexpected rap to public figures and government officials who use TikTok. So, TikTok is becoming the trend for all walks of life for this moment.

Many Interesting Features, and Complete

As a platform video maker creative, TikTok has package features that make users feel easy when using TikTok. The user can use the editing features equipped with a filter-filter funny. In addition, TikTok there is also a collection of music that is popular to support content creation on TikTok.

The Potential To Famous Through TikTok

Still remember with Bowo Alpenliebe? At the beginning of the emergence of TikTok, Bowo is one of the users of TikTok is popular, is very famous. Bowo is one of the many people that are famous, thanks to TikTok. Well, in TikTok, users also have the opportunity to be known to many people.

A wide variety of TikTok Challenge

variety of TikTok Challenge

Lots of variety the challenge comes from TikTok, which then goes viral on other social media like Instagram. This makes a lot of people are curious and want to try TikTok. So, how do you think about the fever TikTok is popular that has hit the world lately? are you also interested in trying TikTok?

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