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These Foods cause oily skin and acne

acne caused by food. We naturally have oily skin than other people, but you can also predispose your skin to an oily condition for several reasons. Many people take care of their skin but don’t forget to pay attention to the menu of the food you consume every day. which becomes a problem when you have excess sebum production and foods that cause pimples and oily skin.

These conditions cause your skin pores to become clogged and cause acne due to skin imbalance that produces too much oil. Every skin needs oil to protect it from the outer layer and lose too much water. Sebum itself consists of fatty acids, ceramides, sugars, wax esters, and other chemical compounds.

food that acne cause

Here’s a list of foods you should avoid that can cause oily skin and acne.

What are foods that cause acne?


The first foods that cause pimples and oily skin is milk and its products. Milk is good for health, but it is also not good for your skin health if you consume too much milk. The content of milk in the form of hormones can cause high oil production. Which will then clog the skin pores. You can choose other healthier dairy products such as almond milk or soy milk. Milk, cheese, and other dairy foods such as ice cream, although rich in calcium, can cause acne if consumed in excess. Amino acids contained in dairy products are also believed to cause the oil glands to become more active and trigger acne.

Fried Food

The second order is foods that contain fried foods or foods whose processing is fried. Many studies have found that consuming too much Omega 6 fatty acids can cause acne on the skin. And acne is caused by food such as fried foods. French fries with heavy oil should be avoided if you do not aggravate acne disease.

Salty Food

Salty foods can also be a cause of acne or can also aggravate existing acne on your skin. Salt is a handful of spices in cooking that is also suitable for health if consumed not too much.


in developed countries, alcohol is a mandatory drink in every home. But you don’t realize if alcohol can also affect skin health. Alcohol can cause skin breakouts because the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Causing an increase in oil production to compensate for water loss. It can also make us sweat a lot which can clog pores and cause acne, so it’s a piece of good advice to avoid alcohol and drink more water or fruit juices to fight oily skin.

Sweet Food is acne cause

Sweet foods can also try oily skin and acne and this acne is caused by food. Foods with a sweet taste can also increase our blood glucose levels and cause other diseases besides acne. Foods and drinks that are high in sugar, such as sugary cookies, soda, and packaged fruit juices with added sugar, can also cause acne. This is because a high enough glucose content can trigger an increase in insulin and cause acne. Sweet foods are also not good for the skin because consuming too much glucose can cause inflammation in the body, damaging it and making it oily.

White rice and wheat are the most common grains.

Generally speaking, white wheat (such as wheat flour) and rice contain fibre, which is beneficial to the body. Unfortunately, when both food sources are processed, a significant amount of fibre and nutrients are lost and acne is caused foods that cause pimples and oily skin

A high glycemic index is also found in white rice and wheat, which means that they will impact your blood sugar levels. Numerous studies have revealed that high-glycemic foods can cause the skin to produce excessive oil and cause acne to appear. If you want to lower your glycemic index, swap out white rice for brown rice and choose whole wheat bread.

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