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Astroworld Music Festival Ends of Death, 90 Lawsuits Imagined

Astroworld Music Festival tragedy

Astroworld 90 Lawsuits

Lawyers representing more than 200 injured in the Astroworld music festival in Houston, The United States on Friday, November 5, 2021, have included around 90 lawsuits against the event’s promoters. The deadly music concert killed 9 people.

The music festival features rap singer Travis Scott. The disaster occurred when 50 thousand spectators who filled the NRG stadium were out of control. The fans continued to be pushed towards the stage.

“We represent more than 200 mentally, physically, and psychologically injured victims from events at the Astroworld festival,” said civil rights lawyer, Ben Crump.

At least 50 lawsuits have been filed to sue Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Scott for death and those who have been injured in the Astroworld music festival. Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Scott don’t want to comment.

Crump said officers guarding the concert should be able to prevent the fall of the dead and injured by stopping the show and turning on the lights as the chaos becomes clearer.

“No one should have died because he went to a concert. So, this lawsuit is not only to get justice for them but also to make sure the promoters and the committee know that they cannot let this kind of thing happen again later, “Crump said.

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