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Google Image Search, How to Use Image Search on Mobile or PC Desktop

how to use google image search from desktop laptop phone

Google’s search function is becoming increasingly effective. Not only can you search for information using keywords. But you can also search for information using photographs, thanks to the Google Image tool.

This method is referred to as reverse image search or reverse image search and retrieval (RIVR). According to the Google Support page, this function not only displays related photos in search results. This also provides websites that have the image you are looking for. And other sizes of the image you are searching for.

you can search via images or photos either from Android, iPhone, or from computers desktops, and laptops. The method is very easy

Adding an image to your website

The methods listed below can be used to google search for photos or images. Can use on a computer or laptop by using a browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are among the browsers that are compatible with reverse image browsing.

After launching your web browser on your computer or laptop, navigate to the images.google.com website to search. Click the camera symbol on the right side of the search bar, and then select the Upload an Image option from the drop-down menu that appears.

To search for an image on google on your computer or laptop, click Browse and pick the image you want to look for. Wait for the upload procedure to complete before clicking Open or Select. The image associated with your uploaded file will appear on Google once the upload process has been completed.

Google Image Search Using the Drag & Drop method

Not only can you manually upload photographs. But you can also search for images by dragging and dropping them onto the page. For this method to work, you must be using the Chrome or Firefox browser.

Launch Windows Explorer or the directory where you wish to save the image file as soon as you have accessed the Google Image Picture website in Chrome or Firefox, Drag and drop the image into the search bar box by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button.

Through the use of a URL

You can also search for relevant photographs on the internet by using images that are already available. Navigate to the website that has the image you wish to use for browsing.

Right-click on the image you wish to find and select Copy image address from the context menu. Open the Google Image site in your browser and type in “camera” in the search field to begin searching.

Alternatively, click Paste image URL and paste the URL into the provided field before pressing Enter, or click Search by image. Images that are related to your search will appear in your search results.

Through the use of other websites

It is only possible to utilize this Google Image technique in the Chrome browser on a PC or a mobile device. Using Chrome, navigate to the website that contains the picture you want to use for browsing.

Right-click the image and select the Search Google for this image option from the drop-down menu. Your search results will be presented in a new tab when you submit your query.

Using Google Image Search Android or iPhone Based Smartphone

In addition to conducting Google Image searches on a computer, you may now conduct them on an Android phone or iPhone. Open the Chrome browser on your phone and navigate to images.google.com to view the images.

In the search bar, please type in the description of the image you’re looking for and hit Enter to search for it. To search, select the image you want to utilize from the drop-down menu. When you click and hold on to the image, you will be able to select the Search Google for this image option.

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