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How to do a search on Google Search in a special way

As an internet user, you may be familiar with the Google search engine. You can use it up to several times a day such as to find the nearest restaurant looking for an answer to a problem in everyday life.

On Google, you can also search for images on all websites on Google Search, there is also a voice search feature in Google Search, you can even look for a representative in Google Search

With Google giving your search by typing the right keywords. but not always exactly what you want. it will be very difficult if you do research need a good research source and good when you are typing keywords in Google Search. 

Maybe not everyone knows how using some of the hidden tricks in Google Search can help you do better research.

google search have many feature to explore help you to search anything

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Here’s how to use Google Search through certain techniques that can give you the right search results.

Use Quotation marks

Looking for something specific like the author’s name, length, song lyrics, or an idiom, Google will return results that match some words but not the whole word. You can use quotation marks around a phrase Google only returns results that match that phrase.

For example: Samsung “galaxy s4”

Use dashes to ignore misleading words

Use dashes to ignore words that we don’t want Can help you in a search on Google Search. Depending on the data Certain can pronounce the results of the search You can reduce literally by using hyphens

For example canyon -grand

Use tabs on Google for best results

It’s easy to forget, but Google is more than just a text search. There are Google Images, Maps, and Google Books. Use the tabs at the top to switch between these modes. You can see the search results tab in several modes and you can quickly select the google search tab because it is easy to access

use a tilde to show common and related words on google search

Want to expand your search results? Use the tilde symbol before a word to find results related to that term. With this symbol, you will be easy to keywords that are still relevant to other words that have a relationship with the keyword that is entered into the search field on google search

this tilde symbol made informs Google to search similar keywords with withe same synonyms.

For example: coding ~class (That way, you’ll also see results for coding colleges, classes, courses, and so on.)

Searching Files Online With Certain Extensions

This is especially useful when you’re searching for documents online: Type a search phrase, then just add “filetype:pdf” at the end to search for PDFs. You can also find PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Excel sheets using this format.

Useful for those of you who want to find certain files that are used as reference material or material for your research

For example: climate change report file type:ppt

Find Google Search the quote that links to a specific page

This is an obscure tip, but it can help you find pages that link to specific pages. If you’re looking for a citation for a college essay, for example, just use the “link: (insert link here) format to find the link.

This function is useful for finding a link or reference link from a website or blog, the bigger the website and the more famous the website, the more links there are because the website can be a reference for other websites.

For example: Link: lifehacker.com

Find on Google Search Use an asterisk for words you can’t remember

Sometimes you search for the lyrics of a song and you can’t remember some words. This is where the asterisks come to our needs. Google treats this as a wildcard or blank, and it will give you search results taking into account any gaps in your knowledge.

For example: strawberry *forever

Finding the Same Site on Google Search

Here’s a search trick everyone should know: Let’s say you find a website you like and want to find more websites like it—you can ask Google to do the legwork for you using the “related:(site address)” search condition.

For example: related:boardgamegeek.com

Perform site-specific searches directly from Google

Usually, the search feature on the website is not good. But because Google keeps indexing web content, you can use Google to reliably search websites. Use the term “site: (website link)” when you want to search for the site at a later time.

This command is also usually used as a benchmark for web developers to check the visibility of the web they manage on the Google search engine

For example: site:rabihnews.xyz

Find results from two specific places or things on Google Search

Looking to find results of two terms? For example, maybe you’re looking for a TV show from Netflix or Disney plus. You can do that using the pipe symbol (that vertical bar), essentially telling Google to choose between this “or” that.

For example: Netflix | Disney Plus

Search in the number range Google Search

When you use Google for online research, narrowing down the results to a specific timeframe can help. You can use two dots to search between a range of two numbers.

For Example: academic studies 1920..1935

Google will show you results that match some words, but not the entire phrase

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