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Crazy iOS 15 Features new update, get it Now

iOS 15 features. Apple will release iOS 15 software for the iPhone on Monday, September 20. Older models, such as the iPhone 6S (2015) and the first-generation iPhone SE (2016), may be upgraded to the new operating system as well.

iOS 15 update features introduce a slew of new features and enhancements to existing ones. You should try these!

new globe

iOS 15 features new globe

Apple’s version of the traditional Google Earth: You may now see Earth as a globe in the Maps app if you zoom out far enough. Displays features such as deserts, forests, and seas.
In the iOS 15 features Maps app, the globe spins like a globe.
While navigating, the Maps app displays additional information, such as turning lanes, bus lanes, and median strips. The map content in iOS 15 update features appears to be a little more detailed than in prior versions. However, not all German cities appear to be planned in this manner — and new, very realistic views of three-dimensional structures are now accessible only in select areas such as San Francisco, New York, and London.

iOS 15 features apple: on the one hand, a web browser

iOS 15 features on the one hand, a web browser

Until today, anyone using the bigger iPhone model had difficulty accessing the address bar in the Safari browser when holding the device in one hand. The remedy is included in iOS 15 update features: the field for entering an Internet address is relocated to the bottom of the screen.

The address bar in the Safari browser has been relocated to the bottom edge of the screen, ios new update features making it simpler to access.
Individual open tabs are likewise easily accessible in iOS 15: press the left or right side of the address bar, and Safari changes from one tab to the next. You may also obtain an overview of all active tabs by clicking the Tabs button at the bottom of the screen. Tabs may now be grouped together and synchronized across all devices.

towards the conclusion, a pictorial description

pictorial description ios 15

Until recently, the Photos app was unable to provide any information regarding the recording’s time and location ahead of time. With ios new update features, you can now see more comprehensive information about a photo, like its file name, mobile phone type, and camera settings, by swiping it here.
In ios 15 features apple, there is a new design for Automated Reviews, which the iPhone builds using your own photographs and videos. They should be constructed more wisely and presented in a more consistent manner, and they should include dynamic maps.

iOS 15 update features Text recognition and copying

Text recognition and copying ios 15

Printed or handwritten texts, for example, may be identified and reused using the new “Live Text” capability. You can, for example, copy words from a text and paste them into a document or an e-mail. Alternatively, you may cut and paste a phone number from the newspaper into the Phone app.
The Live Text function can be enabled on a stored photo, the camera’s live preview, or a screenshot, for example. Tap on a circular symbol with stylized lines of text displayed at the bottom right to do so.

surf the web anonymously

surf the web anonymously ios 15

Another iOS 15 update features If you enable the so-called private relay (settings own username iCloud), the sent data is encrypted when browsing and is routed via two intermediary stations – relay. It conceals the user’s location, IP address, and Internet activity. This is done to prevent marketers from developing comprehensive user profiles.
The private relay function, which allows anonymous browsing, is still under experimental testing.
However, ios 15 features apple in order to utilize the service, you must have a subscription to Apple’s iCloud service (formerly known as iCloud+). Furthermore, Private Relay only works when you are connected to the Internet using your Safari browser.

invite to FaceTime

invite to FaceTime ios 15

If you wish to meet someone for ios new update features a FaceTime video chat, you may utilize iOS 15 update features to provide a link to a meeting room. The link can be given a name and sent through e-mail, SMS message, or Messenger message, for example.
Sending the link should be especially intriguing when Apple launches the previously anticipated but delayed SharePlay feature for FaceTime. In the future, members will be able to listen to music or view movies on all of their devices at the same time. It is unknown when SharePlay will be available.

Message filtering

Message filtering ios 15

The Do Not Disturb function is supplemented with the Focus function. While “Do Not Disturb” on the iPhone mutes all messages, iOS 15 features Focus may be used to create different living scenarios in which some messages, calls, and so on are displayed while others are skipped. Filters may be configured in Settings for things like driving, fitness training, and playing.
For each focus, you may specify how the iPhone handles messages. You may also choose who is permitted to enter the message regardless of the active filter. Focus filters may be activated automatically depending on the time, location, or activity.

Memojis now have new clothing

Memojis now have new clothing ios 15

Memoji, the famous gimmick with customized emoji, is also receiving an upgrade in ios new update features. Figures may now be outfitted with clothes in a range of colors that can be personalized.
In iOS 15 update features, Memojis may be created with a T-shirt, shirt, blouse, or dress.
Memojis may also be customized with new glasses and assistance such as cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or head protection.

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