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National Girlfriends Day, What Celebration is this

National girlfriend day for good friendship

On August 1 it was celebrated as National Girlfriend Day in the United States. On that day, women throughout the United States gathered and celebrated the bond of friendship or friendship of fellow women. Today, not only in America, some women from various countries are also enlivening this Girlfriend Day.

Stretched from the National Day Calendar page, girlfriend here refers to many categories of relations between women. Can mean friendship, mother and child relationships, brotherhood, to coworkers. Not only between women, some people also celebrate today as lovers.

National Girlfriends Day first appeared because of mother and child writers

National Girlfriend Day is done with the aim of setting aside time with friends. Sometimes someone will forget to set aside time with a friend so that on August 1 many people take the time to walk around, eat, and laugh with their female friends. This togetherness will then be enshrined in the form of photographs and uploaded on social media with the hashtag #NationalGirlfriendsDay.

Judging from its history, National Girlfriends Day first appeared because of mother and child writers, Kameleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield. They set September 20 to celebrate the publication of their book entitled Girlfriends Getaway. This celebration began in 2002.

However, another claim regarding the history of the emergence of National Girlfriends Day was first celebrated by Mistress Susan on savionaire.com which began the celebration in 2003. On the page, he said that on August 1 every woman could bring her female friend to go to the park, eat at a restaurant, watch TV, or go to the spa together.

“I made a special day for my fellow women expressing gratitude for each other. You can gather with your friends to the park, eat at restaurants, watch indie films, or massage and shop online, “Susan wrote on savionaire.com.

Susan also added that her favorite activity was having a slumber party with a female friend. Women who come can talk about their business, purpose in life, finance, and life.

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