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Facts about Guinea in the Coup

Guinea is one of the countries that has experienced a military coup on Sunday 5 September 2021. The military took the coup because they felt the previous government was unable…

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President Joe Biden calls for secret documents to be released on September 11 attacks

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order containing the disclosure of classified documents related to September 11, 2001, aka the 9/11 attacks. The order was issued a few days…

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Karine Jean-Pierre leaves a mark on the world as first Person of color in quite a while to give White House press instructions

Karine Jean-Pierre, head appointee press secretary for the Biden organization, gave her first press instructions on Wednesday and left a mark on the world as the main Individual of color…

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Israel’s conflict of steady loss with Hamas conveys another wicked impasse

 An uncomfortable truce among Israel and Hamas became effective on Friday following a destructive 11-day struggle, with the two sides guaranteeing triumph and specialists cautioning that the seeds of another…

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