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  • Vivo S10e Official with AMOLED and 900 nits of brightness
    Vivo introduced the S10e smartphone midrange in China without any fanfare or fanfare-like celebration. In addition to the 32MP selfie camera cover, the phone has a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with FHD+ quality. And a waterdrop notch for the camera. The phone, which is available in three colors (White Gradient, Haze Blue, and Glaze Black). touted […]
  • Lyrics For Spotify How to Easily Display
    How to display lyrics For Spotify easily Through additional applications. Spotify is one of the most popular music player applications in the world. With Spotify, you can listen to music anywhere. With so many songs for Spotify, of course, we want to know some of the lyrics of the song. In addition to the varied […]
  • Phone Running Slowly The Cause And How To Fix It
    Your phone / smartphone is running slow? You have to know the cause of your cellphone being slow and how to deal with it. So don’t be bad first to buy a new cellphone. Nowadays, Android smartphones equipped with enormous RAM capacity and internal memory. But for old or old types of users will experience […]
  • Google Maps eco-friendly routes are now being made available on Android and iPhone devices.
    The long-awaited Google Maps navigation feature is now available for iPhone and Android devices, and we couldn’t be happier. In March, Google announced several new Maps initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. One of which was the introduction of new environmentally friendly route options. A few weeks later. Google re-announced the environmentally friendly routes, and […]
  • Twitter Quotes About Life motive for better
    A Collection Of Twitter Quotes About Life. Twitter is one of the social media that many users besides Facebook. Tweet on Twitter you will find many teases related to life. Quotes Twitter can sometimes provide its own motivation for us. There are so many accounts that provide quotes about positive and constructive life. If you […]
  • 7 Leading Social Media sites
    Leading Social Media. Should you go done in on Instagram? Perhaps location fifty per cent of your social media budget plan right into Facebook and divide the remainder between YouTube and LinkedIn? Exactly just what around Pinterest? These are actually the type of concerns plaguing small companies as well as advertising groups as well. To […]
  • Learn how to use Google Spreadsheet
    Google Spreadsheet is a useful application for us to do typing or work activities. But some people still don’t know the correct use of Google spreadsheets. This Google spreadsheet is the same as Excel if at Microsoft. Can be used in the calculation of making documents or other office activities. In this application, there will […]
  • OPPO Find X4 Has 125 Watt Fast Charging Capability
    OPPO Find the X4 Smartphone that will be present to be the successor of the Find X3 pro generation. That previously pulled the charging label quickly 65 watts. Oppo doubles that ability almost 2 times Fold on the latest smartphone Oppo X4 Citing Gizmochina Oppo Discover X4 will have to charge capability Reaching 125 watts. […]
  • Windows 11 Bug, Running slow On AMD Ryzen Processor
    Windows 11 Bug, Microsoft’s most recent operating system, although it has a fresh look and a slew of new features. Shown to degrade PC performance when used with AMD Ryzen processors. AMD provided additional information on the performance decline on its official website on a support page. It reported that two issues precipitated the situation. […]
  • What is WiFi Direct and the usability of WiFi Direct?
    WiFi Direct is a connection that makes communication between devices. These communications are interconnected without a centralized network nearby. Smartphone users or electronic devices that have a Wi-Fi connection will definitely find Wi-Fi Direct in the wireless connection section. WiFi connection in addition to being able to connect with an internet connection. WiFi can also […]

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iOS 15 Bug After The Latest Update From Apple

bug in storage media iOS 15 iOS 15 Bug. After introducing iOS 15 through the annual developer event, namely the 2021 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Developer Meeting in June 2021,

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Has Finally Released

 two-screen smartphone Microsoft has announced the availability of their next two-screen smartphone, the Surface Duo 2, which improves on its predecessor in numerous ways. Microsoft recently unveiled the second iteration of its foldable

Phishing Email Examples You Must Know to avoid scammers or hackers

Log-In Page for a Phishing Email An attacker sends a phishing email with the goal of duping a person or organization into revealing sensitive information such as passwords or credit

Crazy iOS 15 Features new update, get it Now

iOS 15 features. Apple will release iOS 15 software for the iPhone on Monday, September 20. Older models, such as the iPhone 6S (2015) and the first-generation iPhone SE (2016),

Good News!! This Is an Apple iOS Update For Amazing 20 Apple Device

 iOS 15 apple ios update was officially released by Apple which has a size of more than 2 GB. This update includes new design changes for the Safari browser, Maps,