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TWICE 4th World Tour, Announce First City Concert ‘III’

TWICE 4th World Tour

TWICE 4th world tour. This time the theme is ‘III’. Quoted from Soompi, earlier in October 2021, TWICE gave a signal to tour the world.

The news was revealed by Jihyo et al through the music video ‘The Feels’. Then on Monday (11/15/2021), TWICE officially gave an announcement regarding the world tour. They revealed the first city he would visit on the ‘III’ tour. According to the schedule revealed, the tour will begin in Seoul.

Seoul First City in TWICE 4th World Tour

The tour in Seoul will begin on December 24-26, 2021. Exactly held at the KSPO Dome. After that, the tour will continue to the United States. In Uncle Sam’s country, TWICE will hold a concert on February 16-26, 2022.

TWICE 4th World Tour will hold concerts in five major cities in the United States. Among them such as Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York.

Not only that but in the poster, there are also the words ‘and more. Apparently, there are still a few more cities that TWICE will visit on its fourth world tour.

Previously reported, there was good news for TWICE girl group fans. Jihyo will be making a comeback in November 2021. They also released their first English song music video titled The Feels.

The single was released premiered today Friday, October 1, 2021. But at the end of the video, a poster looks with a surprising announcement.

They told TWICE’s upcoming plans. Their sixth birthday will be held this October. Dilansir from Soompi, their third full studio album will be released next November.

Not only that, but they also prepared to do TWICE 4th World Tour. On the upcoming album, TWICE will be their first album since “Taste of Love” in June. Then it also became their first full album since “Eyes wide open” in October 2021.

In addition, this was their first tour since “TWICELIGHTS” which was held from 2019 to 2020. But the tour was shortened due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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