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What’s new in IOS 15 and iPad OS 15

 New iOS Apple 15 Update September 2021

The company with the apple logo has released new products at the Apple event which will be held on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, one of which is the iPhone 13, which will also launch its newest operating system for the iPhone iPad and Apple Watch.

New iOS Apple 15 Update September 2021


The Apple company also confirmed that it will soon be rolling out decorative updates for iPad OS 15 and watch OS 8 to all users of the above products around September 20, 2021..

The latest version of the Apple iOS will bring a variety of new features, including notifications such as the addition of a summary notification, an increase in the Face Time feature, and a new look for the Safari Browser.

 New FaceTime Feature

The FaceTime feature that previously could only be used by iPhone users can now be used on Android and Windows operating systems to make calls using the FaceTime feature. But the use of the feature on Android and Windows will probably be able to update again in late fall.

Especially for iPad OS 15, it also brings improvements to the split view feature so that users can easily open several applications at once for multitasking purposes.

You can do the update via the settings menu, then select General, then select device software update, then connect to Apple’s servers and ask to download and install the update. You can follow the instructions on the screen of your device.

Make sure your iPhone/iPad device is connected to a wi-fi that has a good connection to be able to speed up the process without connection problems after the installation is complete the device will reboot and enter a new look from iOS 15 or iPad OS 15

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